September 6, 2011

Ideas for a broken ceiling lamp

You just entered for the first time in your new apartment... the rent is really cheap and the scenario is more like a low budget horror movie rather than the cool movie-like loft you see in Hollywood movies. No worries!

Maybe the main ceiling lamp is broken (the ex owner was a Mexican student who broke it with a stick during a pinata-party)...
Crash - by Cezary Borysiuk

What if you could turn this disaster into something like this?

It's impossible to achieve the perfection of the design above (you'll find later the link) but you can try to make your own and get inspired by this design.

You'll need:

  • Thin layer of dense glass
  • Thin Plywood
  • Small mirrors (optional)
  • Hot Glue
  • Drill
  • Light Bulb Holder

The goal is to shape the glass and the Plywood into a hut-like shape (you can choose the size of the lamp but I think that, in this case, smaller is better). There are some good guides how to cut glass but i think that you'll save some time asking directly at your hardware store...

The glass will form the bottom, the front and the back of the house while the Plywood can be used as the roof  and the "lateral walls". You can assemble the parts with the Hot Glue.

The hole for the wire should be made in the precise center (Before gluing the whole thing xD )

The mirrors can be used in order to reflect the light from the "roof" but the illumination power of this lamp (even without the mirrors) is good

Another good modification is to use this lamp in a different way: you can modify the design to use this lamp as a bedside one: with a lightbulb holder you can block the lamp in the middle of the hut and (in this case) make just the back and the bottom with plywood.
(PS: the bedside lamp shaped like that can be used as a bookmark like the Reading Lamp by Jun Yasumoto)

The original design is from , an awesome design studio based in Sydney
(You can buy the original "Hut Pendant Light" here )

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