October 15, 2011

Bed-Table with maps!

What if you have an old piece of furniture taken from your gran's home and you want to renew it?

You can use some old (preferably) maps! In the picture (taken from the manualidades blog) they used the maps in order to decorate only the drawers... but if you want (and if you have enough maps) you can decorate the whole furniture!

PS: if the map is folded or ruined try to iron the map on a flat surface and leave the map covered with heavy books (you managed to find a use for that old 1900 pages never-ending nightmare you used for your last exam!)

In the picture below (right) you can find another DIY idea... Unfortunately i don't know who did this (i think it's a design from http://www.serenaandlily.com but i could not find the original link.
If you want you can also decorate the drawer by gluing maps inside (like the left picture)

October 11, 2011

1000 hits milesone!

Ok, this post is not about DIY... i apologize but I could not help make a special post for this occasion...

My blog just reached more than 1000 hits (1030 right now)!

Even if the majority of the visits are probably from my mother's PC (no, i'm joking, she hates my blog) I just wanted to say thanks to the seven followers i collected during this month and the friends on BlogCatalog :)

Thank you very very much!