September 6, 2011

Old books/magazines into a table

If you're a student you'll notice how fast the free spaces in your library will be obliterated...
You have too many books and a little space. What can you do?

Well... you could set your old philosophy textbook on fire after the final exam but here's different designs that could solve the problem and also turn them into a great table for the living room:

The first project is "Ratchet Table" by Harry Hasson (The one on the left).
The second one's Vespa" by the Italian designer Giulio Iacchetti

(The images are from, one of the most interesting blogs about design in the italian language)

There are also some variants, like this one below where you can express your indie/retro/Ilistentobandsthatdonotevenexistyet soul  with vinyls (I believe that this one is also Harry Hasson's work but I'm not 100% sure)

Last but not least if you're a girl (or a guy)  and your room is full of American Cheerleader Magazine issues you could turn them into a nice chair with less effort! Here's the pic (I stumbled upon this picture, if someone knows the designer i would be grateful)

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