September 11, 2011

Copperfield's shelves!

We all need some magic in our life, even college students!

With this DIY Hack you'll be able to gain a bookshelf and impress your friends with a simple and immediate trick!

You'll need:
  • Book with a solid cover
  • Simple Bookends
  • Drill
  • Screw(s)
  • Duct Tape / Patafix

It's actually very simple: If there isn't a hole in the bookend drill two holes (see picture below) and attach it to the wall with the screws (PS: You can also use "no more nails" or something like that but with this method it's safer and more stable)

After that just place your book and fix the cover with tape or patafix (Or even hot glue if you really hate that book)

You just obtained a floating bookshelf made of book... Bookception!!


  1. wow these shelves are fantastic.

  2. Your final picture is the actual floating bookend from Barnes and Noble. It has a lipped corner that holds the edge of the book. Which is very important to keep the cover from hanging down with no support.