September 7, 2011

Number Puzzle Table Hack

A friend of mine is an Ikea-addicted: her apartment right now is like a picture from Ikea's catalogue.

One of the most simple design you'll find in those blue-boxes is the LACK table.

Personally i love IKEA's forniture: they're cheap, durable and easy to build but sometimes they are too standard.

In this post you'll find a way in order to renew the LACK table, turning it into something cooler and funnier.

When i was surfing this awesome site one design caught my attention.

I did some researches and I found out that the title of this design was "Communicative Coffee Table" by Di Wu
This designer managed to merge a coffee table with the old "Number Puzzle Game" and a Blackboard

Since there is not any shop where you can buy this awesome design (so far) here's a little DIY guide

For this hack you'll need:

  • Wood battens
  • Wood Paint (if the wood is not like the original table colour)
  • Primer
  • SandPaper
  • Porcelain squares (Smooth) 
  • Blackboard (Optional)
  • Hot Glue
  • Brushes

  1. You'll need to lean the battens on the table edges and measure the area of the free square
    • Divide the area in 9 or 16 parts in order to buy the right-size ceramic squares
  2. You'll need to use the sandpaper on the corner of the table
        • (This will make the contact surface rough)
  3. Paint the wood according to the table colour (my friend's was red)
  4. (If you want you can glue a blackboard above the table and you'll be able to write in the hole)
  5. Add the porcelain squares (in the right order)
    • If the wood is higher than the square you can add some cork with the cold glue to the porcelain
  6. Enjoy!

PS: If you want there is an awesome site ( where you can find various hacks and variations, check it out!

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