September 25, 2011

Chopping Block Drawer

Hi guys! Well... this isn't a proper DIY guide... it's just a thing I saw and i was impressed by the simplicity and the usefulness of this design!
You can find the original post here, on it's a really awesome idea:

You can chop your ingredients and trash in the bin below the waste (or you can fix a bowl under the hole)

You can fix the Chopping Block to the drawer with special glues or even nails but in this way it will be more difficult to clean it (and replace it)

My advice:
  • You can use magnet strips (it will be easier to remove and clean but it will be, of course, less anchored)
  • You can fix the Choppin Block like a puzzle, leaving the corners of the drawer intact (See below)

1 comment:

  1. I can't believe more kitchens don't have these. What a fantastic idea! - Cathy Pieroz at Ray White Alexandra Hills