September 12, 2011

Wine-Glass Lamp

If you're going to have a romantic dinner with "the one" you could achieve a little atmosphere even if your dining room is also your study/kitchen/bedroom/dump...

The trick is the lighting: with the right illumination you'll be able to:

  • Hide the dirty dishes you your roommate left in your apartment
  • Hide the books you were supposed to study that evening

With a single candle and a wine-glass you can create a simple, cheap, reusable candle-holder
(Just pay attention... Firefighters could seduce the girl of your dreams and/or end your romantic dinner)

You can download the pattern here (You can use paper or vellum...)
I found this on that redirected me to that redirected me to ... I hope I quoted every site :D


  1. Amazing! These wine glass lamps are adorable! I love to have this when I prepare a simple dinner date with my loved one.

    Lette's Haven

  2. Thanks for stopping by homestilo! This is such a neat idea...going to have to try it at my next party!

  3. Wow. great idea..i'll use it for candle light dinner. Thank you for sharing.

    am following you now.
    Hope you'll check out my blog and follow back.

  4. OMG, Your blog is soo awesome.
    You have all the tips and tricks to make the best out of the normal waste!

    Great ideas for people living alone/or with roommates.
    Good work :)

  5. Thank you all :)
    I really appreciate it

  6. Wow these look fantastic. So cute and simple, yet I never would have thought of it. I'll definitely be making a few of these. Thanks for sharing :) - Cathy Pieroz at Ray White Alexandra Hills