July 5, 2012

Homamade Fridge Magnets

Hi guys! Today I Stumbled Upon some great ideas for DIY Fridge Magnets...
Since the methods&materials are pretty easy to guess i'll stop writing and post the pictures instead!

Post Break-up magnets (My favourites)


June 19, 2012

Space-Saver Spice Rack

If you have a tiny kitchen and you're into spicy-food you'll find that you'll need a LOT of space for the ingredients.
Here's an idea that will help you cover the coffee stains on the wall and keep your spices organized.

You'll need:

  • Sheet of stainless steel
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Tiny Jars with metal Lid
  • Magnets (The one in the geomag are perfect)
  • Spicies (duh...)
With the Hot Glue attach the magnet on the Lid: if you do that on the outside the jar will be easier to detach from the rack but it's easy to cover the magnet with the Hog Glue, decreasing the adhesion.

I found that if you manage to cover the magnet on the inside of the Jar with the hot Glue you'll save the spicies flavour and it's still easy to use the jars!

May 5, 2012

Book Lamp

If you have an old, thick Potosynthesis book  and you need a lamp for your bedroom maybe this post will help you...

I found an awesome guide here and I just wanted to share with you...

Steve (the main brain behind Grathio Labs) choose to use MDF and cloth in order to recreate the page-like thickness of the book but If you want to keep the books pages (or most of it) there are my advices:

1) You can use a flat lightbulb: I found in a store and, although they are expensive (like 5 times more compared to a "normal" bulb) it's perfect for this project

2) You can carve the space for the lamp inside the book and use a clear plastic clip in order to keep the pages toghether

If you want to keep the pages you'll need to protect the book from burning so here's my advices

  • Use Alluminium foil sheet and a semi-thick transparent PVC sheet (or glass) in order to create a barrier from the lamp and collect all the light from the bulb
  • Use the smallest light bulb holder and attach it to a MDF shaped like a L: in the bigger side you can attach the bulb holder and you can put the smaller one under the weight of the paper in order to maintain the bulb still